About me

Hi, I’m Dr Amruti Choudhry.

I help women professionals lose weight permanently.


Hi! I’m Amruti!


I’m a Triple Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach and Physician (Doctor) in London, UK.


I lost 42kg, (over 92 pounds) and have kept it off.


My story..


I was always a yo-yo dieter. From the age of 7, I was overweight and that’s when I started my weight loss struggles. I remember starting my first diet age 13.


My weight was my biggest struggle in life. I had developed this reliance on food to make me feel better. I used food to avoid my emotions daily.


I was able to lose weight for a special occasion. I was down to my goal weight of 51kg for my wedding. Within a year, I was up 3 stones (21kg).


I got pregnant with my first son, and put on 3 stones in that pregnancy. After he was born, I tried hard to lose it. I lost some of it then got pregnant with my second son. I put on 3.5 stones in that pregnancy.


I didn’t want to stand on the scales and face my reality. I did it a few weeks later. I was 92kg (BMI 39).


I had back pain, hated how I looked and wanted to make a change.


I tried every diet under the sun. Everything helped a bit, as I was able to lose 21kg over 2.5 years. By this time, I was intensely exercising daily (I thought that would work), doing intermittent fasting (one meal a day), a low carbohydrate diet and still not losing any more weight!


I thought, what is going on? I’m a Doctor, I understand and am doing what I “should” be doing, I’m applying all the latest recommendations in terms of science, why am I not losing anymore weight?


I decided to try life coaching, as it was my last chance. I’m SO GLAD I did! It was phenomenal!


I was able to lose my remaining 21kg in 5 months and have kept it off since!


I now weigh less than my wedding weight and feel amazing.


Even though the coaching was for my weight, I was able to improve my relationship with my husband. I was no longer arguing with him as I was able to manage my own mind. I was able to be more present with my children and show up how I wanted to with them. I was able to improve my experience of being a busy GP. I was able to manage my time to get so much more done. Most importantly, I was able to believe in myself. I was able to believe that I am worthy just as I am.


As I had such a HUGE transformation in my whole life, I decided to train as a coach, and have been coaching my clients to completely transform their lives.


It is the best decision I have made. I have found my calling in life, and my mission is to help you achieve that goal of yours which you think is impossible - permanent weight loss.


If it is possible for me and all the clients I coach on a daily basis, it is possible for you too!


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