Your thoughts create your results.


Are you fed up of doing the same things and getting the same results? 
Are you ready to try a deeper, permanent approach?


This is where we focus on your most powerful tool, your mind. 


We find your unconscious blocks and help you solve for them. 


This is the most powerful work you will EVER do.


We dive in DEEP!


It is so fun, and there will be the discomfort of growth. 


You are ready for this.


In this coaching programme, we coach on ANY TOPIC as well as weight loss (relationships, money, business, health, parenting). 


It is better suited for people who want to discuss personal issues on a deeper level, and heal past traumas.


It is suited for you if you want a more personalised coaching experience.


It will work for you if you have a varying schedule and need to book calls at different times each week.




This is dependent on the package you choose.

3 months (12 sessions): £5,500

(or £2000/month for 3 months).


6 months (24 sessions): £10,000

(or (£1900/month for 6 months).


12 months (48 sessions): £19,000

(or £1800/month for 12 months).


If you'd like a tailored package, this can be discussed on a consultation call.

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