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18TH JULY 2024


Learn how to lose weight permanently by dealing with the root cause of your overeating, your thoughts and your feelings. 


Weight Loss using Mind Management 


You are a busy woman, who has tried several diets, is fed up with constantly being rude to yourself and is looking to feel in control around food. You want to lose weight for the last time so you don’t have to worry about weight loss ever again.


Imagine the freedom!


You are successful in other areas of your life and beat yourself up for not having weight loss figured out. You are a problem solver so feel annoyed at yourself for not being able to figure this out.


You have researched the best diets, and have been successful at some, but they never seemed sustainable, as they involved feeling deprived and eating random foods that you would never normally eat.


You crave wanting to eat normally with your family. You want to be able to go to a restaurant and not overeat. You want to feel confident at the next family function instead of being self-conscious about your weight.


You want to be able to eat like a naturally slim person. You want food to not take up so much space in your mind. You want to be able to eat when you are hungry and stop when you’ve had enough, and use your amazing mind on the things that matter in your life: yourself, your family, your career, your dreams.


If this is you, you are in the right place.


By the end of this programme, you will have... 

Learn how to make a doable plan for yourself 

So that you can stick to it and eat in a way including the foods you love, whilst eating with your family, so you aren't making multiple meals.

Learn how to stick to the plan and evaluate when you overeat

This is so that we normalise failure because you will fail loads on this journey, but that isn’t a problem as you evaluate from each overeating moment and use that to get you closer to your goal weight. 

Learn how to feel your emotions

Once you learn how to feel your emotions, you don’t need to escape them, hence you don’t need food to make you feel better.

Learn how to feel your urges


This will help you stick to your plan even when you really really want something else. I will teach you why this happens based on the 2 parts of your brain and teach you the process to feel your urges. 

Eat only when hungry and stop when eaten enough 


This will help you pay attention to your natural hunger signals which tell you when you’re hungry and when you have eaten enough.

Become aware of your mind


This is the main part of the programme, as it is your thoughts that create your results. Most other diets focus on what actions you need to take, but you are here because that did not work for you.

You will learn how to integrate the most up to date, scientific information on weight loss with the mind management tools that will help you stay committed and keep the weight off permanently.


You will create a plan that you can stick to for life, without feeling deprived, so you never have to worry about your food or weight ever again!


You will be able to feel any emotion, so you don’t need to rely on food to make it better. 

I would LOVE to join!

What’s Inside - Weight Loss using Mind Management


Module 1

Here is where you will be introduced to the 6 step process where you will learn how to:

  • Create a protocol specific to you, including foods you love
  • Create a doable plan and stick to it
  • Evaluate your plan
  • Feel your emotions
  • Feel your urges
  • Balance your hunger hormones
  • Learn how to eat when hungry and stop when you've eaten enough
  • Start becoming aware of your mind

Module 2

You will learn how to set your weight loss goal and ways how to get there.

You will learn how to:

  • stay committed to your goal
  • use future self-work to reach your goal
  • use visualisation to reach your goal
  • Feel urges deeper
  • Find your reasons to lose weight

Once you have set a goal and know how to get there, you will use these concepts to build upon the concepts in Module 1 to get to the goal weight.

Module 3 

You will learn how to manage particular situations where you may overeat, like eating out, special events and holidays.

You will learn how to:

  • Go on holiday and have a holiday plan set out so you feel in control around food on holiday
  • Create a special event plan so you know how to eat on protocol during special events
  • Create an exception plan so you can eat off protocol in a controlled manner
  • Notice when you are indulging in false pleasures and question the thoughts and feelings leading to these actions
  • Create a self-care plan that suits you

Module 4

You will learn how to treat yourself when you eat off protocol. It is all about your relationship with yourself, your body image and how to use self love in the weight loss journey.


You will learn:

  • How to treat yourself when going off protocol
  • How to use self love and acceptance in the weight loss journey
  • How to feel accomplished during your journey
  • How to declutter your mind and life

Module 5

You will deep dive into the mind management tools to start self coaching yourself, using the power of questions to enhance your self coaching, how to distinguish between facts and thoughts as a basis to self coaching. You will learn how to decide what you want to believe and how to start doing that. You will also learn how to manage plateaus.


You will learn how to:

  • Tell the difference between facts and thoughts
  • Use the power of questions in your self coaching
  • Use intentional thinking to create the results you want
  • Manage your food plan during weight loss plateaus

My life has changed since I started coaching with Amruti.

She has helped me see how my life, my body and my mind are perfect for me, I want to change for better from a place of love. My relationship with myself and others has improved. Feeling the negative and positive emotions has been a game-changer and as a result, I am not buffering with food or spending money. Thank you Amruti! Best coach ever!

Dr Jasmine Dargan

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

This is the most valuable part of the course. Meeting on Zoom twice weekly for 6 months is the part of the Group Coaching Programme my clients find the most useful.  

We start on Thursday 15th August 2024.

Call times are Tuesdays 12-1pm BST (7am EST) and Thursday 4-5pm BST (11am EST).


Private Facebook Group

This allows you to get daily written coaching in the group. You can celebrate your wins, get coaching on a topic in between coaching calls or jump in to receive feedback on some self-coaching.


Mind and Body Weight Loss Planner

This is a comprehensive 350 page document that helps you create 90 days, monthly and weekly goals and stick to them. It helps you plan your food daily and evaluate your plans, so you are continually learning. It allows you to dive deeper into any overeating events, so you can evaluate and problem solve.  


Live Virtual Event

This is a 4 hour workshop where you will learn ALL you need to set you up for the next 6 months. You will create a doable plan, understand the reasons for wanting to lose weight and leave the workshop feeling calm, committed and clear.

This will take place on Tuesday 13th August 2024 11am-3pm BST (6-10am EST).

What's the investment?


Weight Loss using Mind Management Course - £3000 Value

Weekly Group Coaching Calls - £10000 Value

Private Facebook Group - £2000 Value

Planner - £121 Value

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £15,121


But when you enrol today, you’ll get access to everything for just: £5000 or £1000/month for 6 months 



One-time payment




per month for 6 months


I worked with Amruti and my main focus was on my weight and just by changing my mindset and sticking to “protocol” I went from 86.9kgs to 79.6kgs!

Those mindset changes positively impacted all areas of my life! By working with Amruti I really learnt how to be compassionate to myself.

I live by the following sayings “I am winning or I am learning” and “everything is happening perfectly for me”. These help me take a deep breathe and keep going!

I still remember when I told Amruti I want to get to a normal BMI, not actually knowing what that number was. She said that was to be 65kgs and I LAUGHED thinking what a ridiculous number! But after working with Amruti I released that the only thing holding me back is my mindset. It is something I work on daily but now I don’t laugh at my goal. I truly know it’s something I can achieve! I’m now at 77kgs, 12 kgs to go and counting!

Thank you Amruti for helping me become a more calm, compassionate myself and a focused person that now believes anything is possible! 

Mrs Sonal Panchal Patel

Amruti is amazing! I felt like I was taking a leap into the unknown, a big step in investing in myself in this way.

Having tried everything in the past to lose weight (haven’t we all?!) I decided this was my last chance to turn myself around; to give me the chance to be the person I want to be for myself, my kids, and my life! I do not regret it one bit!

Amruti is truly excellent. I cannot believe she has not been coaching all of her life! She really is fantastic and has helped me find those ‘wow’ life-changing moments that everyone talks of and I had never experienced until now! And so many of them!

I feel so much better, have lost more weight than ever before, and it feels effortless, comfortable and sustainable – the new way of life I had always wished for and could never imagine ‘happening’ to me! But more than that, Amruti’s coaching has helped me to look at all aspects of my life and opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities I had never dreamed of achieving.

It is so enjoyable learning so much about myself, and that I do have the ability to change and live the life I really want. I cannot recommend Amruti’s coaching highly enough; she is focused, adapts her coaching instantly to my needs on the day and is very talented in what she does!

Thank you Amruti, for all you have helped me to do! 

Dr T.B (Physician)

I can’t wait for you to join the Group Coaching Programme


I remember when I was 92kg. I was desperate to lose weight. I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. I kept thinking I needed to deprive myself more and more, as that was the only way I knew to lose weight. I over-exercised and hardly ate anything. It was miserable.


I then found coaching and it changed my life. The tools I learnt helped me lose 42kg and keep it off for good. 

I know you know how much of a big deal that is. 

I found the secret sauce. 

It was learning to manage my mind.


So I have created the Group Coaching programme combining all these things:


  • My 10 years of experience as a Doctor using the most up to date, scientific data on the best way to lose weight using the insulin theory of weight loss. It is super simple the way I teach it, and is very easy to follow, as you don’t feel hungry all the time and your desire for food is mostly eliminated. I used to LOVE pizza and cake, and now I am not fussed when they are around. I don’t NEED to eat them anymore.  


  • My personal experience being a busy woman, struggling with my weight for 3 decades, going through all the different diets, trying everything under the sun, being so horrible and mean to myself and attaching my worth to my weight. This experience helps me relate to you so much better as I totally get it and I have been there. I still have the thoughts to overeat, I just know how to manage my brain now. This is what I will teach you. It is a journey of self-acceptance and building up a better relationship with yourself.  


  • The amazing coaching tools help you become aware of your brain, accept how you are currently feeling, feel your emotions, redirect your brain to more useful thoughts which feel better and create the result of permanent weight loss for you that feels easy and calm. You come in for weight loss, but as we are changing the neural pathways in your brain, you leave a more loving, accepting, calm and in control version of yourself. You don't change, but you become more of your true self. It is the best learning ever! You get to know more about yourself every time you fail. It is so much fun.


This is the perfect place for you if you are ready to finally deal with the real reason for your overeating. 


It is risk-free. If you do not lose any weight, you will get ALL your money back.


I have created this programme for you to ensure you are lighter from the mental weight and the physical weight that has been weighing you down for so long. 


Are you ready?

I’m ready to help you.


I’m in! I want to join!

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You want to lose weight permanently and are considering the programme but have a few doubts.

This consult is to help you find the best solution for you. 

I teach women professionals how to lose weight permanently, by getting to the root cause of their weight struggles, their minds. The first step to a lighter body is a lighter mind. 

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