The ADHD story!

Dec 09, 2023



After over 4 months off, the podcast is BACK with a BANG!

Listen to finding out I had ADHD was such a relief after a lifetime of struggle. Listen to the episode to hear the story.

The podcast is BACK with a BANG!


So many of you have messaged me and wanted me to run the MIL course again. You are in LUCK! The "How to get on with your MIL course" is enrolling now until December 21st 2023. Find out all the details and book your free consult here:


The signature Weight Loss Group Coaching Programme is still enrolling every 3 months and will next start in February. Enrolment is currently open and you can find details or book a free consult here:

As December is the season on giving, I am putting on TWO FREE WEBINARS for you this month. As so many of you who struggle with your MIL may be seeing her more often this festive season, I am the running the "How to get on with your MIL" webinar on Monday 11th December at 12pm GMT (7am EST). Click here to sign up:


As December is full of parties and you may be worried about overeating, I am running the webinar: "How to enjoy the festive season without overeating" on Wednesday 20th December at 12pm GMT (7am EST). Click here to sign up:



See you there!!


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