Start the New Year with Intention

Jan 03, 2023


Hello, ladies, and welcome to the Podcast. Welcome to 2023. Oh, my goodness! Where has the last year gone? This year is your year, and I love thinking about that every single year, because that's the truth, right? We are blessed to have this year to be able to evolve into that version of ourselves that we actually want to be right, and that doesn't mean that what you are now is not good enough.


You're already 100% worthy exactly as you are, without changing, without doing anything.


But I believe that the reason we put on this earth is to evolve into, an even more authentic version of ourselves and so that becomes really fun because then it's never ending, but also you get to learn about yourself more and more and more, and that for me is so fun. So we are going to set you up for 2023, we are going to make this the year that you lose your weight, and you keep it off for good.


So many years have gone by, where, January has been the time where you said that you were going to stick to it, and then you did it.


This is the year that it changes for you. This is the year that you lose the way, and you start maintaining.


This is the year that you get to set a New Year's resolution, that is not about your weight. That is about doing that thing that you have been called to do in your life for so long.


It may have been a job promotion. It may have been buying a new house.


It may have been. Taking up this hobby that you have been wanting to do for ages.


So many things are possible when your mind is not occupied by food.


So we are setting you up this year with this podcast. And I'm starting off the year with a webinar on ninth of January at 12 P. M. GMT. And it is going to be planning your way to permanent rate loss.


It is going to be a webinar that you don't want to miss.


It's going to be for one and a half to 2 h, and it's a webinar that I've done before that have that has been received really very well.


So many people have messaged me after this webinar, saying this has changed my life, and I am putting it out there very boldly, because attending this webinar will change your entire life, and so that's why I say to you actually come live come and give that time to yourself. It's much harder to not attend, and not be fully present.


This is what you've been doing for so long, and you then keep beating yourself up. What it takes to actually come live is asking your boss if you can take your lunch break, then it is, you know, asking your partner if they can watch the kids during that time, it is making sure that you don't block any meetings during that time. It is asking your friend who you'd booked a coffee date with to say, Hey, actually there's something that's come up.

Can we reschedule? All of those things that you feel discomfort over, when you are able to figure that out, then you will be able to set yourself up in your weight loss journey because so much of the weight loss is about that.


It is about figuring out how can I make this work for me?


Okay. So make sure you come. There's a link in the show notes, and if you wanted to kind of just go to it directly, the link is


So that's


So this will be the enrolment, the start of the enrolment for the February group coaching programme.


So if you've been thinking, you know what I've been listening to Amruti’s podcasts for a bit, or this may be the first episode that you're listening to, and if so, welcome you're in the right place. Wherever you are in your journey this is the time for you. This is the time that you choose to make this the year that you lose the weight and keep it off the good.


Okay. So if you haven't attended before, you definitely want to attend, and if you have attended, but you haven't achieved the result that you want to.


This is why you want to come, because you can actually remind yourself of what I talk about and start putting it into practice.


So many times I go back over things that I've listened to again and again, and again and again, because the truth is, when you listen to something.


For the first time, you're only going to be taking in 20% of what you've heard and then, unless you're putting it into practice, you're not going to be retaining that because the brain has so many inputs and so much going on in its in itself that it will disregard information that you're not repeating again and again, this is why in the podcast, I always am repeating the same kinds of things, so that it is being entrenched into your brains.


So it's much better for you to access when you join the program.


So when you, if you're thinking about okay, is this the right time for me?


Why didn't you come to the webinar? I will be explaining the program I'll be explaining the ins and out, and you will have time for questions so that you can ask me anything about the program about weight loss about planning and so this is your time so make sure you schedule that time out, I would schedule 2 h for it. It often doesn't last the whole 2 h, but I will stay on as late as I need to, to make sure I'm answering one of your questions, and then enrolment for the group coaching program will be open from the 9th-20th January, and we start on 29th January with our live event, and then the first group coaching call is on 31st January, and then we get started.


It's going to be so fun, it's going to be the thing that you've been looking for all your life.


Really, and I really can't wait to welcome you in.


So with that, let's get started. So the first episode of 2023, I wanted to teach you how I start the year.


I like to start the year with an intention, so I like to have a word of the year, and I want you to think if you had a word for 2023 well, what would that word be?


And why so? To give you an example, my word for 2022 was generous.


I wanted to learn how to be generous with myself, with everyone around me.


So that was my family, my clients, just anyone who's in in in my aura.


I wanted to to, to be generous. I wanted them to feel the generosity.


And so what I realised is, I was very good at being generous with others.


Oh, I needed to learn how to be generous with myself.


So when I was able to be generous with myself first, be that with my time, with my money, with my energy, then I was able to give that generosity to others in a much more rich and meaningful way. So I realised that when I was giving myself more time, I was able to give my my family more time, I was able to give my clients more time. I mean, I added in an extra call in the group coaching programme, so now we have 2 amazing group coaching calls every week, because I was thinking, how can I be generous with my clients?


And that was one thing that I was thinking that the more coaching time they get in that 6 months, the more transferring they're getting because they're getting access to me, showing them their brain.


I was thinking, How can I be more generous with them, with my time and with my energy, and with my expertise?


I was much more open to written coaching. I was starting up conversations a lot more in the group coaching program.


I was engaging with them a lot more in the group coaching program.


And so I was feeling so great and so generous with my clients, and feeling so generous with my clients, only came from me feeling generous with myself.


So that was a real eye-opener for me.


Being generous with money. I gave lots to charity this year.


I gave so much new stuff that I bought over the years to St Luke's Hospice, which is a hospice near my house, and it felt so good and so generous to just be able to give with no expectation, not thinking that oh, will I get this back or oh, this is worth this much it was kind of just like, no, I want to give. I want to give back, and this is my way of giving back in a monetary way we gave so much money to charity this year.


We invested back in our kids school. There was so many things that we felt so good about investing in.


And yeah, it was just so amazing to be able to do that.


And it really helped me to understand that money is basically just a flow of energy.


And I would like to spend energy, and I would like to receive energy so I'd like to spend money, and I'd like to receive money.


And this is still something that I'm working on, because I still have some of that scarcity thinking where my brain goes back to oh, my gosh, you're going to lose it all, you'll be homeless.


You're not going to provide for your family, and this is when I get to the respond back to my brain in that loving way I get to say to my brain, of course, you think that. Of course you're just trying to keep me safe, and there's nothing wrong with my money situation. Everything is completely okay. It is safe to receive money.


It's safe to give money. Everything is completely fine. And so when I'm able to create that safety for myself, everything changes.


Okay. So I even used the word generous when I was in a dilemma in any situation.


So I would ask myself what would be generous to myself in the situation?


So I had so many situations where I was like not sure what to do, and I asked myself what would be generous in in this situation.


Some of the times generous, was actually saying No, and that was really hard for my brain to grasp, because initially, my brain was like the more generous you are the more you're giving of yourself to others. And actually, what I realized is when I was actually being generous, like, truly generous with myself first, then I would be more willing to say no to social gatherings when I didn't want to go, I was actually being generous with my honesty. I was being generous with my authenticity. I was being generous with setting an example to my clients that this is actually available to you. I was being generous with being an example of what is possible when I am able to be generous with myself first. So that was huge for me, being able to say no right.


So I want you to think, how can you start off this year?


How can you start off your New Year? What is that word that you want to have for you. Some of the choices may be committed, calm peaceful, loving present, and you can ask yourself, how can I use that feeling?


And how can that dictate what I do in this situation?


So an example may be someone offers you dessert, and you're not hungry, and if you're word of the year is calm, you can ask yourself if I was feeling calm what would I say and do?


And it's so useful, because then you can use that word of the year as you anchor.


You can keep going back to. Okay. If I was feeling calm, how would I approach the situation?


You can go back to. If I was feeling calm, what would I be thinking in this moment?


How can I remind myself of how this is already true right now?


Right, and so sometimes you may be thinking, Yeah, that's great.


I don't know where to start. Where do I start with this?


And so what I would say to you is, I would look at what are your thoughts about yourself and your weight loss in 2022, and actually, I want you to think about if you are thinking negatively about yourself, then this is not going to help you moving forward into 2023 you either get to keep these thoughts with you, and and recreate the result that you created in 2022, or you get to make a change.


And this is your chance to make that change, because your past does not dictate your future, even though your brain keeps going back to yeah. But this is what I know. It only goes back there because it was to stay the same.


It wants you to not expel any more energy in figuring out something new, right?


So it's always gonna take you back to the thoughts that you've practiced again and again and again, because it's sufficient. Okay?


So if you've been practicing oh, weight loss is so hard! This is not possible for me. It's much easier for everyone else. Oh,  I just can't be bothered. Whatever you've been practicing the most is what is showing up for you.


So this year you get to practice other thoughts that are actually going to help you create that result, because the more you practice the ones you get the results from the sentences that you're practicing in your brain again and again, and that you believe. So that's where affirmations don't actually work if you don't believe them. An affirmation will only work if it's a sentence you already believe. Okay? So your past doesn't dictate your future unless it's useful for you.


So if you had a period where you really were successful in your own eyes, in your weight, loss, or in your life, or in your money, or whatever it may be, you can use that to actually fuel you if it helps you okay. So if those thoughts aren't helping you I would let them go because they are just thoughts. They're not facts about you. Okay?


So if you're struggling with okay, how do I start putting this into practice?


It all sounds amazing, everything. But where do I get started? What I would say to you is, I would go back to the basics.


Well, what are the 6 steps that I teach you? The 6 steps out?


Make a doable plan for yourself, and remember, if you want to learn how to make a doable plan and be able to stick to it and evaluate which is the second one.


Come to the webinar, which is happening on 9th January, at 12 PM GMT. The link is in the show notes, so make sure you click the link and sign up.


The third thing is feeling your emotions. What am I actually feeling right now?


Can I actually just be with that emotion? Remember all emotions last for about 90 s, and that emotion is just a vibration in your body.


It can never harm you, even though your brain has has told you for so long that certain negative emotions may be scary.


That's just not the case. It's just wrong.


Your brain has been wrong about that. And are you willing to remind your brain that oh, no, brain, you're just wrong about that.


Let me tell you what's what the correct thing is, or are you just gonna believe your brain?


I urge you to challenge your brain and just be like, hey! Could I have been wrong about this right? The fourth thing is feeling your urges when you feel the urge to do something that's not on your time.


Plan to eat some food that is not on your food plan to check social media when you haven't planned to check it, to watch another Netflix, when you are decide that actually you’re going to go to bed, can you feel the urge? Can you sit with that discomfort, the uncomfortable feeling of over desire in your body?


The fifth thing is paying attention to your hunger. Am I like physically hungry right now? Or is food solving something for me? And asking yourself What is it trying to solve? And then the 6th thing is self coaching, starting to become aware of the sentences that your brain offers you all the time and deciding do I want to carry on believing that or do I want to believe something else. Okay? So you could just start off with one of those 6 steps.


Remember the doable plan one. I'm going to be helping you in the webinar.


So click, the the link in the show notes to sign up for that.


But just choose whichever one that is the easiest for you to start on, because when you get started on something, it's much easier to keep going.


So just make a decision that I'm going to start on one of them.


If you're you're if the one that you want to start on is the doable plan, come to the webinar, and I will help you with that if it's one of the others.


If you're already good at planning, but one of the others make sure you join the group coaching programme. Enrolment will be open between 9th-20h January, and this will get you started.


This will get you set up for the rest of your life. So even though it's a 6 month group coaching program, you will be set up for life because the way you learn how to lose weight in the program is the way that you'll be able to stick to for the rest of your life. We don't do fad diets. We don't do like restriction. We don't do things that you're not going to be happy to do for the rest of your life with the caveat of initially, it's gonna be uncomfortable for you, because you've never done it before. So you want to be able to give yourself the period where you're willing to feel the discomfort, because whenever you're doing anything new, it's going to be uncomfortable.


So it's not going to be rainbows and daisies throughout the whole program, but it will set you up for never having to worry about your food or your weight ever again, because of learning how to lose weight in a way that actually works for you that literally serves you, that you are nourishing your body with foods that are like helping you, nd you then get to choose.


Instead of someone telling you, this is what you need to eat, these are the calories these are the macros. This is the weight of the food you need to eat, because that person does not know what is going on in your brain doesn't know what's going on in your body.


They can't pay attention to your hunger signals for you.


They can't tell you that this is the food that's going to suit you and your family.


So this is the reason why you need to learn how to adapt that plan for you.


You need to learn how to make it doable for you, and when you can do that you've done it for life, and you then get to tweak it as and when you're going on holiday, or when you're going to a wedding, or when you when it's winter and you kind of just want warmer foods you get to do that for yourself, because you you're not relying on anyone external to tell you about your body, and as your coach, I'm going to be teaching you how to pay closer attention to your body's wisdom and identify the thought blocks that are holding you back, and that are stopping you from accessing them.


This is what we do in the group coaching program.


Half of it is is the cognitive side. The brain side, the neuroscience and half of it is trusting the wisdom of your own body, and when you can combine those 2 together, there is magic that happens and I'm here to teach you that magic I'm here to help you experience that magic for yourself. So make sure you come to the webinar and put the dates in your diary for the group coaching enrolment 9th-20th January, and I look forward to having you. All right ladies I'll see you next week bye.



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