Is the Group Coaching Programme for you?

Jan 10, 2023


Hello, ladies, and welcome to the podcast. I am so buzzing.


I'm so excited to have brought you the webinar yesterday.


The webinar. On planning your way to permanent weight loss, and I am so excited about all the ladies who attended that webinar, and remember, if you didn't attend that webinar, don't worry.


You can go and catch the replay at the same web link, which is, and I'll link it in the show notes so you can just click on it and go and watch the replay if you would like to.


So, as I said, the webinar was the start of the enrolment for the February group coaching program.


So enrolment as you are listening to this episode. If you're listening to it, live is open.


Enrolment is open between 9th-20th January, and remember, if you sign up before this Friday, which is13th January, then you will get the amazing mind and body food planner sent to you anywhere in the world.


So I've already got a list of people who have already signed up, and I have got their planners already packed for them, and I'll be sending out all the planners on the fourteenth. So on Saturday.


So make sure you sign up by the thirteenth to get this beautiful planner sent to you, and listen.


If you sign up anytime between the fourteenth and the twentieth, you haven't missed out on it on anything.


You just print out the planner before our live event. On the 29th,


So it's completely all okay. But it's just a lovely thing.


I mean, I love getting presence through the through the post. It makes me feel really special and luxurious.


So if you know that this is the program that you have wanted to sign up for for a while, or if you've just been introduced to me, or if you have just found me and you started listening to the podcast then welcome.


Firstly, and if you really resonate with what I'm talking about, and wanted to join the program then this is just a lovely gift to give yourself really as you start, because as soon as you sign up, then you will get that planner.


Sent to you so you'll have it ready for the live event.


So let's spend this episode really getting clear on who the program is.


Full, and how to know if this is a good fit for you.


So the program is for you. If you want peace and freedom around food, it's for you if you're fed up with how much space the constant food chatter takes up in your brain, it's for you.


If you want to be able to relax without needing food or alcohol to do so.


So many of us are reliant on relaxing with food, because that's the only way we have allowed ourselves to relax or relaxing with a glass of wine at night, because that's the only way that we have allowed ourselves to do that.


And sometimes we may do that with our partner in the evenings.


And so if you want to be able to figure out a way for yourself to allow yourself to relax without needing the food or alcohol to do so, then this is the program for you.


It's too you, if you want to be able to follow through with this goal that you've been setting for probably several years to lose the way and keep it off the good.


Well, this something in your way, and you've tried all the traditional methods, and you'll thinking, do you know what?


There's something that I know that Amruti talks about that will be able to help me.


It's for you. If you want to improve your physical health in a very safe way, based on the latest science, and if you wanted to learn from an expert, so a doctor of over 10 years someone with a psychology degree who loves and breathes every single thing.


About coaching. Who has 3 coaching certifications, who's coached thousands of people for free on the podcast and lots of people in her paid programs?


Who's lost 42 kg that over the 92 pounds herself, and has maintained it in a very safe and doable way, and keeps using the same process that she teaches all of you


If you want to be able to improve your health in this kind of way with me, then this is the program for you.


If you want to be able to focus on other areas of your life.


So if you want to be able to focus on your parenting or on a job, well, just focus on yourself.


You want to give yourself that time, that energy, that money, and this is the program for you.


If you want to be kind to yourself, and to heal the inner critic, because actually, she's always going to be there always for the rest of your life, because that is your primitive brain.


She's the part of you who is trying to protect you.


Who's trying to keep you safe. But when you learn how to respond back to her and not believe every single thing that she says then that's when you're life changes because we can't stop the prototype brain from being there.


We can't stop the inner critic from coming out with these thoughts.


But what we can do is learn how to respond back to her we don't have to believe every single thought that comes into our brain.


So it's for you. If you're someone who is willing to go in deep, who's willing to do the hard work, who is willing to feel uncomfortable to get the result, because this will be rewiring your brain. This will be


Bringing up some of the things that food and alcohol have been numbing for you for a long time.


So it's not always going to be rainbows and daisies.


It will be tough at times. Now, it's not always gonna be tough, because when you learn these tools and you're applying them that actually gets much, much easier because you are dealing with that root. Cause.


So this is also for someone who doesn't just want a quick fix.


This isn't a quick fix. This is a long time solution.


So that's why the weight loss in this program may actually be slower.


Than other programs that you may have done in the past. In the past you may have lost one kilo a week and think that's the norm.


You may lose that in this program, but it's not like guaranteed.


It's not like. Yes, this is the fastest way that you're ever going to lose the weight in the short term.


But in the long term it is actually the fastest way, because you won't gain it all back, because this time you are dealing with that root cause.


If it is your thinking that creates your results, currently, your results are being caused by what you are thinking, and the vast majority of your thoughts are subconscious.


You're not even aware of what you are thinking. So as your coach, my role is to show you your mind.


My role is to uncover some of those subconscious thoughts that you are currently thinking, that are creating your current results.


And then, as we work together, we just tweak them slightly so that you can tweak your results.


It doesn't have to be a very drastic change, because often your brain is going to rebel against anything too drastic.


So this is why it's very important to start knowing.


Okay, what am I currently thinking right now, how is that currently creating the results that I'm creating?


So this is why we get to that root cause. And even if you do get a little bit back, because, remember, weight is up and down, you know exactly how to use that 6 step process to get you back, to losing the way again and you have the tools for the rest of your life.


Which is like so powerful and so fun, because you're like, Oh, okay, I'm not expecting to lose one Kilo a week for the rest of my life.


And then like, Hold my worth to that. You are able to talk to yourself.


You're able to have compassion with yourself when you actually do gain weight sometimes because that is life.


You are human. You're not expected to do everything perfectly.


And actually, we break down some of those thought thought processes that have caused you to seek perfection and and be perfect at things, and do things in a specific way.


Only, or otherwise. You beat yourself up because that's just not how life works.


So it's for someone who's who is actually willing to attend and be present.


So I offer 2 coaching calls per week. So that is where the beauty happens.


That's where there's so much of the amazingness.


Because that's when I will show you your mind. That's when we get get deep on the the issues.


So I expect you to attend at least one of them. I ask for you to allocate at least 10 min a day to do this, and this is really important, because if you feel at the moment that you don't have the time.


I want you to actually create or do a time diary.


So take a time inventory of what you're doing right now on a daily basis.


What you'll realise is that you do have the time.


Everyone has the time. But currently you're choosing to spend the time on other things.


And so many of my clients think it's selfish to spend time on themselves.


And this is what a lot of the coaching addresses, because, after coaching for so long on this with so many of my clients, I actually think it's selfish not to spend time on yourself.


I actually love that my kids know that I look after myself and the I unapologetically take time for myself and the Allies with my hobby to watch over the kids when I go for a walk, and that my family knows that this is actually important to me, because when I am able to take time out


For myself. I'm just so much more present with them, I'm just so much more loving, and myself with them, and it's so fun to know that my kids are learning by watching me, because remember children pick up more on what you do rather than what you say so if you'll saying to them it's important


To look after yourself, but actually you'll never do it.


Then they're going to pick up on what you're doing rather than what you're saying.


It's like saying, Can you stop shouting at me?


Stop shouting, stop! Shouting to the kids, but actually you're shouting at them.


So they're gonna do what they see you doing rather than what you're saying.


So the way to actually help them to stop shouting is to say it calmly to them, and actually not shout at them as well, because then that's how they they pick up on.


Oh, this is acceptable like I can talk to people in this kind of way.


So it's for someone who's ready to commit.


Because, as I said, it may or may not be as fast as other weight loss attempts.


But this isn't a fad diet. This is getting to that root cause, and it's for somebody who's willing to show up, even when the scale isn't going their way, because at the end of the day it's gonna go up and down.


But when you learn these tools is going to keep going in the direction that it's meant to be going in that time, and some of the times it's meant to be going up some of the times it's meant to be steady and some of the times, it's meant to be going down most of


The Times. It's going to be going down if you are showing up, and if you're committing the time, money, and energy to this


When I say, committing to this, what I mean is being willing to invest in yourself, being willing to give yourself that time, being willing to anticipate that.


Yes, all of this isn't gonna be rainbows and daisies.


But you know what I do hard things all the time, so I'm going to embrace the discomfort of this, because it means a lot to me.


And actually it's very uncomfortable to just sit with it and not do anything anyway.


So do you know what I'm gonna give it a go?


So it's for someone who is willing to commit, because the thing is the reason why most people fail that weight loss attempts is because they go all in.


They go like they do everything perfectly. For the first 3 weeks.


Then they realise this is just too much for me. I can't like sustain this.


So they then like, see the scale not going in the like.


The direction that they want it to as failure. So in this program, you're gonna learn that actually, the scale doesn't define you.


And actually, when the scale isn't going in the way that you want it to go, this is actually where the most learning happens and when you can look at the scale, not going in the direction you want as learning rather than as failure, then that's when you actually use that learning to get you closer, to your


Goal which is so powerful. Because then you're either winning or you're learning, and when you can approach life in that way, then you'd never be scared of any failure, because actually, when you don't achieve the goal that you want it's only because you have quit, but when you're winning.


Or you're learning, then you'll use that learning to help you win, which is so powerful, so it's for those people who are willing to invest in themselves, knowing that they'll benefit for the rest of their lives.


So it's like you invest in things that are the of value to you.


So most people invest in things like education in their home, in their retirement, in their children.


And so we, as humans are willing to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds because we see the value of what we are investing in and the people who get the most benefit of those who see the value of doing this work on themselves.


So what will you get after you have completed the program, you will learn how to be able to manage your mind and your food for the rest of your life.


Putting into practice a very simple 6 step process, and so that's 6.


Step process is number one planning your food, making a very doable plan for yourself.


Number 2 is sticking to the plan and evaluating with no judgment.


Number 3 is learning how to feel your emotions, because the reason why we eat when we're not physically hungry is because we are wanting to avoid an emotion.


Or we are wanting to enhance an emotion, so we may be wanting to avoid boredom, or we may be wanting to enhance connection.


And so it may be any other emotions that you are looking to avoid or enhance.


And so when you can actually feel that emotion in your body you don't need the food or the alcohol to make it better.


The fourth step is feeling your urges. So you're gonna make a plan.


And then your brain is going to be like oh, one more!


But her. It's okay. Just have one more. And then you're gonna feel that urge that intense feeling of over desire.


And so when you can learn how to feel the urge and not act from it, then that's when you will be able to follow that plan, even when that urge is present and that urge can often feel quote like intense.


And quite scary when you don't know how to feel it.


But I'll be teaching you exactly how to do that, how to pay attention to the sensations in your body, and to know that actually any feeling or any urge the most that it generally loss is 90 s.


So are you willing to sit with that uncomfortable sensation?


In your body for 90 s, and the more you get used to doing that, the more you can follow your plan, even when urges are present.


The fifth step is eating when you're physically hungry and stopping at enough.


So in the program, I'll be teaching you how to actually balance your hunger hormones, how to understand when you're insulin, when you're left in, when your brain are raised, or are lower, when to like what kind of foods impact your hunger, hormones, what kind of


Diets will help with that. So in the live event, I would teach you all about the science of weight loss.


I would teach you all about the hunger hormones how to balance them.


How to create that doable plan for yourself and all about the ins and outs of that.


So you will become a person who will be able to pay attention to your internal hunger.


Signals which are never wrong, which are always correct. Instead of the signals that other people are giving to you.


So other people in other diets or things. You may have been focusing on the things that other people have said to you.


So you need to eat this many calories, this many macros wear your food, only eat this many points.


But all of those things are a cookie cutter. Approach, and that doesn't work for everyone.


The only way it's gonna work is when you determine for you what works for you.


When you determine for you, when you are physically hungry, and when you have eaten to enough because it's different for everyone, right?


So I will be teaching you how to pay attention to those internal signals that are going to be specific for you.


So that you can create a plan in a way, and eat in a way that you are always in control of


And then the last thing is doing. So self coaching and your thought download.


So whenever you're not losing weight, you always have that to go back to when you are losing weight, you can actually notice.


Oh, it's because I am following the 6 steps, and so, if in the future you are like, Oh, actually, I'm not losing as much right as I would like to, or my weight has plateau.


LED, it's all I would always suggest. Go back to those 6 steps and have a look at.


Okay. Am I actually hitting each of these 6 things? And if not, what can I tweak slightly?


Okay. So you will be able to have a process that you can follow for the rest of your life.


This will allow you to actually advocate for yourself around your food and actually your life decisions


Because I'm a life coach. I teach you all the life coach skills, all of the skills to manage your mind, to manage your emotions, to manage your life and the way we approach it is through your your food, your eating, through your plan, through wanting to achieve the goal, of weight, loss.


But because these skills are applicable to any other error of your life, once you can apply them towards your food and your weight loss, then that will be able to be like applied to your relationships to your job, to your time, management, to be kind to your own self, and when you can do that every single part of


your life improves, and so I don't take it lightly by saying, you come in for weight loss, and your whole life improves, because that is exactly what happens, and it may sound too good to be true that the only way to really like experience it is to actually join the program, and see it for yourself ready so many of my


Clients, they say to me, Oh, my gosh! I thought I was coming for weight loss, and yes, I've lost the most amount of weight.


But actually, that has been only one of the like. The secondary outcomes the things that have like astounded me the most, and that have been the most transformational part of the program is actually the mind management work is actually the control that I have on my mind is the power that I have in situations where


I felt helpless the way I'm able to feel so much.


Karma, when things used to stress me out so much before, where I'm able to just let go of things so much easier because I know that I don't have control over it so powerful when you are able to use these tools to generally feel so much common for the rest of your life and you're coming in for


Wait loss. It's like, what? Yeah, what a huge bonus that you get when you're able to learn these tools and apply it to your weight loss and lose the most amount of weight you've ever lost.


But also gained these tools that you're gonna be using every single day for the rest of your life.


So fun. So you deal with all the things that actually impact your life, and that in your food, because over eating is just the symptom.


It's a symptom of not wanting to feel an emotion or wanting to enhance an emotion.


So if you are overeating because you are feeling lonely, then the eating or solving for the eating is not going to deal with the root cause dealing with feeling that loneliness and changing the thoughts that are creating that loneliness is the thing that is going to create that long-lasting, change


So here we get to that root cause we deal with all the things in your life that impact that food.


One of the biggest things that my clients say are that they are able to say no when they don't want to do something anymore, and not from a place of you know, I'm just being rebellious, but more from a place of I'm actually advocating for myself now I'm actually


Honoring my true desire to rest, to simplify my life, to stop people pleasing all the people in my life, and actually start pleasing myself.


And this isn't selfish. This is necessary, and I encourage you to come and start, even if it feels scary.


I. He has so many of my clients talk about how they're able to deal with.


Why, they've been relying on food for so long, and they're like, Oh, I didn't know that I could just feel this emotion, and it only last 90 s, and that actually, I did have the desire for food.


After that they like mind blown because they're like, I've been doing this all my life, and now I've led these tools, and it's just completely changed.


Yes. Now in the program there will be points where your your primitive brain takes over again, and you're like, Oh, gosh!


I've gone back to this. This doesn't mean you've taken a step back just means you've got a natural human brain.


Of course you're going to do that sometimes, because you've had these neural pathways for decades.


Probably you've learned them, probably in your childhood. So in the program, what we're doing is we're literally rewiring your brain.


And so you are going to be changing the new pathways that you've had for decades.


So sometimes you will go back to them, and that doesn't mean you've taken a step back.


It just means you're doing the work even deeper, and that is everything.


So you will lose the most amount of weight you've ever lost.


You'll be able to diffuse documents quicker.


You'll generally feel so much calmer, you'll be more present in your current life you're not going to be dwelling on the past as much and you're not going to be rushing towards the future, thinking it's going to be better there than here we're going to be just so much more present in the


Present moment, and embracing it. So powerful. Okay, so you get in the coaching program.


You get individualised coaching in a group container.


So what that means is when one person is getting coached on the group coaching call.


Then everyone is getting coached just on the last call, while one of my clients was saying I was just nodding frantically when everyone else was getting coached, because I felt that I was getting coached.


Yeah, I felt that when I was listening to someone else getting coached it was touching the exact points that I have been struggling with, and that's why group coaching is so powerful, because when one person is getting coached, everyone is really getting coached so practically how does it work so we have


2 group coaching calls a week. So currently, the times are 12-1pm GMT on a Tuesday and Thursday's 4-5pm GMT. Which is the equivalent On Tuesday is 7 Am. EST


On a Tuesday and Thursdays, 11-12pm EST on a Thursday. Now these are the current timings.


But if you're listening to this episode years from now, please check the website for the most that current call timings.


Now the group coaching calls are where we get to that root.


Cause. That's where we that's where the majority of the coaching happens.


That's where we


Are able to put into practice all parts of the 6 steps where I'm able to show you your brain where I'm able to hold space for you to experience any of the emotions so I'll give an example of what this looks like.


So one of my clients, she wasn't sticking to a food plan because she was so rushed.


So she felt rushed in the day, and so she was drinking 3 glasses of wine with her husband.


In the evenings, and she was overworking, and she was feeling stressed.


So the food and the alcohol


Was actually helping her to numb out the stress. So in the group coaching program on the call, we got to the real reason that she was overeating and over, drinking.


It's because she was doing too much. So so much of the coaching was on.


How she could give herself what the food was giving her. In that time the food was giving her rest.


She was allowing herself to literally sit down and have the food it was giving her peace, because when she was eating, her mind wasn't going wild on.


I need to do this and this and this. It was giving her calm, because when she was eating she she wasn't like accessing all of those thoughts in her mind that were going wild.


So we actually coached on. Huh! Managing her time, managing her money, managing her relationships because all of her food, her time, her money, and her relationships.


They were all stemmed from one root cause, which was from the emotion of lack, from the emotion of scarcity, because her thoughts were.


There's not enough time, I've got so much to do.


Her thoughts were. I need to make more money in my business, because otherwise the money's gonna run out.


Her thoughts were, I bet eat the food right now, or I'll miss out.


Her thoughts. Were I better have the glass of wine right now, because otherwise I won't be able to relax.


Her thoughts were, he's not doing enough. So when we coached on that belief system, that thought system of the scarcity that was pervasive throughout all the areas of her life.


Her whole life improved, it completely changed in one coaching session and every other client on the call benefited from that one session, because I was coaching that one lady.


But every single lady was able to apply it to what was going on in her life, and at the beginning of the coaching calls I teach you how to take the coaching that I'm offering.


Whoever is getting coach and applying it to yourself.


So powerful. So that way you always get what you came for on the coaching calls, which is so powerful.


Okay. Another client was losing weight, and she was doing everything perfectly.


And then she went away on holiday, and she didn't do it as perfectly so.


Her thought was, She's failing. And this was because she was in all or nothing thinking so when we were coaching on the weight game.


The actual root cause was the she was treating herself badly when she didn't stick to her plan.


She was really mean and judgmental, and harshly treating herself because she thought that when she whipped herself into shape she would be able to follow her plan


She thought that when she was being harsh and judgmental to herself, that would motivate her.


Actually it was doing the absolute opposite was making her once to overeat, to numb out that harsh criticism and the harsh shame that she was feeling when she wasn't sticking to her plan.


Now she was only feeling the shame because she was interpreting the weight gain as a failure.


She was in touching the weight gain as something going wrong instead of looking at it as a learning opportunity.


Now? The coaching that I offered her on multiple coaching calls.


Was that how she gets to treat herself when she doesn't stick to her plan is her choice, and it may not feel like her choice, because she's done it a certain way.


The whole time, but when she is open to being kind to to herself, and feeling the urge, and not actually giving into the edge of like being really mean to herself, and like degrading herself, and, you know, berating herself, then what tends to happen?


Is she?


Doesn't resort to that as a habit.




So what we coached on was how she treats herself when she fails, and how she actually wants to learn from it rather than like going to the the habit of like beating herself up, and so on each coaching court.


It was coaching deeper and deeper on this every week, and she was able to drastically improve.


Her whole life lose a whole lot of weight which had really been a problem for her, because she was on a fertility journey, and this there was a lot of stress and a lot of emotions that came up on this fertility journey and she was also able to heal some family.


Relationships that had been rocky for decades. She was able to release some built-up emotions from even her childhood, and she was able to be much kinder to herself throughout this whole journey.


So she came in for weight loss which she was able to achieve.


But all these other areas of our lives improved in 6 months of a coaching container as well.


This is what we we do in the group. Coaching calls so powerful.


One client struggled with sticking to her plan. When she was traveling, so she was very good at sticking to very strict rules.


But travel was the time that she would be rebellious, that she could be rebellious.


So that's where she was eating. That's why she was overeating when she was away.


So we coached on. How could she be rebellious with her doable plan, so that she didn't need to overeat while she was away?


And this changed everything for her because she traveled multiple times on loads of work trips and loads of family trips, and she still lost weight.


She lost the most amount of which she's ever lost, because she incorporated that bit of coaching, and she incorporated what she was seeking from her food, which was that rebellion into her daily plan, which is so fun, because then she lost way effortless effortlessly and it was easy it


was doable, and she was slowing down and dealing with that root cause of her overeating.


And that's so fun, so the group coaching calls are the most important part of the program.


And so I encourage you to come to at least one of the 2 group coaching calls and all calls are recorded.


So you would be able to access the recordings on the website. If you're not able to attend the calls.


So you also get the mind and body food planner, which is specially created.


And it is it was it basically over a 100 h of work and I'm so proud of it.


It's one of the things I'm the most proud of in the program, because I looked at what are the things that my clients struggle with the most, and then I put it into this a beautiful book that's also available in a Pdf form and it combines literally all of the mind management with


The food planning because everything else that I'd seen on the market had either the mind management or the food planning.


It didn't have both together. So this is so powerful because it allows the combination of both.


So this is the most important thing I do every single day.


So I encourage my clients to spend a minimum of 10 min on this.


So, even if they can't come to the calls to do this for a minimum of 10 min per day.


Now you can spend longer. I do, because I love getting to know me.


I think of my food planning and my food evaluation as the time that I get to know myself even better.


So I spend about at least 20 min in the morning, and 20 min in the evening, because I love doing it well.


Some of my clients don't spend that much time they spend literally 1 min in the day for planning their food and 1 min for evaluating.


So you get to decide what's possible for you. But I suggest a minimum of 10 min per day allocating to this.


So remember, if you sign up by this Friday, you get the amazing mind and body food planet shipped to you anywhere in the world.


So sign up by the 13th of January, and you will get this beautiful planner sent to you in the post, and you don't need to worry about printing out before the live event.


Okay. So you also get the private Facebook group which has the space for up to 12 ladies.


So there's only going to be a very small amount of ladies in the group.


So it's a very safe space to share any pictures to ask for any coaching in between your calls.


So you basically have written coaching in the group direct with me every single day of the of the week.


And this is where we dive deeper into concepts.


We celebrate, we get deeper insights into things that you shared.


And it's really so phenomenal. And it's like my favourite part of the morning waking up to coaching requests from my group, because it just shows me how all in they are so fun.


Now, if you're listening to this and thinking, actually, I find it a little bit.


Don't think being in a Facebook group as completely okay, you get to show up in the group as much as you feel comfortable doing.


If you don't want to post often in the group.


That's okay. But we do encourage you to do is to post your celebrations and to post your learnings of the week, because that can help you especially when you're like struggling to.


What's the word? You'll struggling one week you can always go back on those posts and look at what you wrote.


So you can access your own thinking. So that is actually, really, really useful.


And in the written coaching one question can literally change everything.


It may be me spotting a full error, which means that you may believe, be believing that something is an absolute fact, but actually, it's just a sentence you've been telling yourself again and again and again and again, so it may be that that fact.


That you may think is a fact. Maybe it's harder for me to lose weight than others, but actually, that's just a sentence you've been telling yourself again and again.


So it's so fun to be able to get individualised coaching every single day when you need it.


Then there's the course, which is a huge bonus, and in the future I will be looking to sell this as a standalone product.


But right now you get to have that as part of your group coaching program, and it is gold, literally one video.


And one worksheet will be enough to change your whole weight, loss, journey, and most people, I'm gonna be honest, don't even get around to doing the course.


But it is a bonus, and you may notice that actually you gain so much from the group coaching program that you want to join again and again and again, and so it may be something that you do in the second or third round the group coaching program.


There's no rush, because some people joined once, and that's enough for them.


They have learned all the tools, and they're ready to apply that to themselves.


But some people get so much from it that they just want to join again and again and again.


And it's because what you're joining is a life coaching program.


And we approach the life coaching through the portal of learning how to access your mind through achieving the goal of weight loss.


So I recommend the if you're thinking, do I will.


I need this again and again. My recommendation is to carry on getting coach.


Continuously until you're at goal weight and have maintained for a few months.


But you get to decide for you. There's no pressure.


That after you've done one round that you have to keep joining. No, you get to decide.


But that's my recommendation. You also get the live event, and that is literally my favourite part of the program.


And that's where I set the standard where we start the program off with a bang.


So it's a really fun four-hour workshop where we learn the science, we learn the concepts, and we actually apply it.


We workshop it, we write out our compelling reasons, for we want to lose the way we create that doable plan.


We fill out the worksheets with the specific questions, we access the wisdom of our wisdom, of our bodies, and we learn the somatic tools to calm down our nervous system, and literally, this workshop is worth the entire investment.


Just for this workshop alone, and I literally just talking about it.


I feel so like, so generous, I feel so like, so proud, because this is literally giving someone that gift of self-acceptance, that gift of peace, the gift of loving themselves so deeply.


And literally, this is priceless. So many people think that I need to spend money on other things, but when you can spend your money, your time, your energy on your physical and your mental health, that's price less that's something that money can never buy so if you want some of this come and join us in the


group coaching program. I would love to have you there. Enrollment is open from the ninth to twentieth of January, and if you, enrolled by the thirteenth of January, which is this Friday, then you get the mind and body food planet sent to you anywhere in the


World, and I have changed the enrollment a little bit this round, because some people wanted to sign up directly without applying so I've taken out the application process and you can go and sign up directly at, or if you wanted to book a free consult, I'm doing consults all the way up until the twentieth of January.


So you can book a free consult at that same on that same website which is So I hope to see that. Okay, take care, bye, bye.


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