What my clients think about coaching with me:


Dr T.B (Emergency Care Consultant - Physician)

Amruti is amazing! 

I felt like I was taking a leap into the unknown, a big step in investing in myself in this way. Having tried everything in the past to lose weight (haven’t we all?!)

I decided this was my last chance to turn myself around; to give me the chance to be the person I want to be for myself, my kids, my life! 

I do not regret it one bit! Amruti is truly excellent. I cannot believe she has not been coaching all of her life! She really is fantastic and has helped me find those ‘wow’ life changing moments that everyone talks of and I had never experienced until now! And so many of them! 

I feel so much better, have lost more weight than ever before, and it feels effortless, comfortable and sustainable – the new way of life I had always wished for and could never imagine ‘happening’ to me!

But more than that, Amruti’s coaching has helped me to look at all aspects of my life, and opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities I had never dreamed of achieving. It is so enjoyable learning so much about myself, and that I do have the ability to change and live the life I really want. 

I cannot recommend Amruti’s coaching highly enough; she is focussed, adapts her coaching instantly to my needs on the day and is very talented in what she does! 

Thank you Amruti, for all you have helped me to do!

Mrs D. R (Analyst)

I signed up initially to a 3 month coaching plan with Amruti because I tried everything under the sun for weight loss. Very skeptical because my thoughts were very much ‘how can a life coach help with weight loss?’.
I was actually surprised from the very first session and ultimately, the sessions didn’t just help me to manage my eating habits, it ended up positively influencing others areas in my life.

I was happier at work, I’m overthinking less, and I’m a better partner and mother. 

I would honestly recommend Amruti as a life coach to anyone, she’s easy to talk to, there’s no judgements and is very honest when it comes to facts vs excuses! I might have signed up for weight loss, but it ending benefitting the other areas of my life even more!

Mrs Meera Joshi Patel (Pharmacist)

I have just completed my 12 weeks of coaching with Amruti and my God what a life changing experience it has been. Having been stuck in a rut feeling like there's no way out, Amruti not only threw me a rope but helped me see my full potential.
What started out as a weight loss journey, you never know what you'll discover about yourself in each session and in the end all areas of my life started improving. The weight loss was tailored to my lifestyle (mum of 2 and breastfeeding) and I am well on my way to achieving my target weight. 

She helped me change my mindset and this was the secret to unlocking new things for me! Thank you to an amazing coach xx

Dr D. L (Doctor - Physician)

When I came to Amruti I honestly thought that no one could help me. What surprised me was Amruti’s confidence that she could. Her confidence was not misplaced.

I have struggled with a couple of areas of my life for many years since a traumatic situation and despite everything I had tried in terms of self help I was stuck.

Amruti’s honest and direct approach coupled with a true skill and innate gift for turning things around rapidly for someone have been life transforming. I went into the coaching for myself, but I can honestly say that the process has helped me to become a better parent and doctor which was a completely unexpected bonus.

I know I have work to do myself still using all the techniques Amruti has taught me but she has freed me from the negative place I was keeping myself stuck in and made me believe that I can create the life I want for myself and that I am worthy and valuable just as I am.

If anyone had any doubts that they can be helped particularly if previous self help or coaching attempts have been fruitless, I would encourage you to spend some time with Amruti and expect great things, but you’d better not delay as I suspect this coach is headed for great things.


Mr V. V (Entrepreneur)

I have been a client of Amruti Choudhry for the past 2 months and it has been very interesting. 

Initially I didn’t have many expectations from the coaching but I felt I should give it a go.  

I have been pleasantly surprised at my progress and the knowledge I have learnt from  Amruti. 

I am learning new skills on each call and trying to implement them each week. Some weeks  are challenging, and I have had setbacks.  

Amruti has picked me up and I have walked away from the call feeling amazing. Like a huge  weight has been lifted of me.  

I have started to believe in myself more and I am giving myself credit for things I achieve.  Before this was not the case and this was holding back my mental growth.  2 Months in I have lost 9kg, and I feel amazing. Lighter, energetic and happier in general.

My  workouts have been hardcore, so this is not all down to coaching but the coaching is what  kept me focussed on the workouts and other parts.

My main goal was however not weight  loss, so Amruti is focussing on other parts with me. But I'm very pleased with the loss and am  pumped to lose more until I reach my goal. 

To anyone who is looking to start coaching with Amruti I would advise that if you’re thinking  about it go for it. You won’t know until you have tried it.  

Secondly, I think it’s the most important part, give it your all.  

Believe in the concept and I think you will get more out of her calls.  

At times I was questioning the methods or wasn’t fully committing on certain tasks and it  only just held me back. I am more focused now I feel but I still have a long way to go.  

Amruti knows what she’s doing and I feel she has my best interest at heart.  

I hope this gives you an insight into my experience with Amruti and I wish you all the  success with your goals. 

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